Twilight drawing

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Clap with me;
? It’s okay to be a fan of Twilight
? Twilight is not just for teens
? It’s not weird to mouth the words to the films as they play… well that might push it a bit

Never-the-less, I do know all the words and can proudly recite them, much to my husband’s dismay, and yes I did say to a work colleague once
“I leave you alone for 5 minutes and the wolves descend”
and yes they TOTALLY looked at me like I was a freak. 
?I’m the freak, huh? You’re the freak for not getting the reference
But hey, 10 years down the line, I’m not obsessed like I was as a vampire romance loving 18 year old, but do I still have a soft spot for Twilight. 

Twilight isn’t just for teens

Fine, the saga started as a high school romance. Yes, some lines are a bit cringe and yes, the saga had a huge cult following of young girls at the time proudly sporting their Team Edward/Team Jacob tees. I wasn’t one of those
Actually, I was and still am ✨ Team Bella ✨

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bella swan images bella wallpaper and background photos

She’s a bit weird, smart and a hopeless romantic. Not that fashionable and ridiculously clumsy aka me. Stephanie Meyer wrote her character to relate directly to me, it’s not my fault. 

bella swan drawing

My Twilight drawing 

Luckily I scanned it in BEFORE the dreaded chair leg incident. Right now, the original drawing is missing an Edward nose. There’s a hole and creases where there was once a delicate pale Edward profile ?
I loved this drawing too. It transformed the way I put pencil to paper and was the first time I was able to draw half decent hair and lips.

Twilight drawing
Twilight drawing by @SiobhanLHancock

I still have it. It’s in a frame, not quite up on my wall yet, not fully saved. If anyone has any ideas on how to repair drawings I’m all ears

Why I chose this Twilight scene

Anyone as crazy about The Twilight saga as I am will recognise this scene from Twilight and why I drew it. It’s where the story began.

The scene in the first film where Edward stopped Bella from being hit by Tyler’s car and Bella realised he wasn’t like other people.
5 years after the epic saga finished, I still find reasons to watch them all in succession. It’s the only way.
I watched them again, one after the other last month when they were added to Netflix UK. 

This was the first time I ever painstakingly took screenshots of the film to do a drawing. I’ve always drawn photos I’ve found online and not achieved what I wanted.
When you draw what you see you need to see detail. Don’t get me wrong, there are lovely Edward and Bella photos online to draw from, but I would be drawing from heavily photoshopped and filtered images. This was my first time drawing a true representation and I’ve never looked back

I’d like to draw another scene from The Twilight Saga soon. Maybe one of the later films where Bella is pregnant or vampiric. Or maybe different characters.

What do you think I should draw next?
What’s your favourite scene from The Twilight Saga?