Morceambe and wise drawing

If you’ve met my mum, you’ll think the same as me.

She’s the best

Not only as a mum, but as a person. Everyone in Swinton, Manchester, knows her. People gravitate towards her. She’s a girl guide leader called Rainshine and she leads Rainbows and Guides. She does so much for the community.

She has the biggest heart <3

Janine Mcminn photo
The best mum in the world – my mum – Janice McMinn

I’m a lucky duck

I know lots of people say they have the best mum in the world, well I do. My mum loves kids, she’s a dinner lady. She loves the elderly, she was a carer and now cares for our family and is really smart. She used to run a wallpaper shop with my Auntie Olive. My mum just loves people and they love her back.
They even voted for her to walk with the baton at the 2002 Common Wealth Games. I wish smart phones were more popular then, to capture the moment and my mum in the commonwealth outfit they gave her. It was a white a purple t-shirt and matching shorts. I can still remember it vividly. I was only 14, I took photos but I lost those prints years ago.

Morcambe and Wise drawing

I made this drawing for my mum a few years ago to make her smile like she always makes me smile.

At the time my mum had got the 5 years all clear and I wanted to do something nice. Morecambe and Wise have always made my mum light up and I use to watch the TV show with her as a kid, a huge fan of the Andre Previn skit.

We loved the films too. On a Saturday night, we’d watch That Riviera Touch, 1966 and The Intelligence Men, 1965, have a Galaxy Caramel bar and a packet of Walkers crisps and play Scrabble. Some of the happiest times spent with my mum.
With my dad it was a Yorkie bar and Predator or Alien 😉

This drawing was my second pencil drawing since switching up my style of drawing, for the better. It was a challenge. Especially Eric’s glasses being balanced the way they are. It could either go badly or really well.

Close up of Eric’s glasses, the hardest part

I’m pretty proud of this drawing though. I worked hard on it. I wanted to get it right and I wanted my mum to know that even though it took me almost 24 hours to do I really wanted to do it for her. Just a little something

His hands were some of the hardest to draw, too

It’s not the only drawing I’ve done for mum

Mum loved it so much she said I should do more. We’re both big fans of the Carry On series and so I took it upon myself to draw Sid James:

Sid James drawing

Mostly because he has such an interesting change and I wanted another challenge. He doesn’t have a neck which saddens me. I’m not lazy, I just can’t draw what I can’t see. Sadly if you google Sid James there aren’t many photos that have good clarity to draw from. I found one that did, but it’s just his face. 
I’m not creative enough to draw in a neck and background.

Needless to say, my mum loved it and said I should draw all the Carry On actors. Yeah, alright mum, my fingers will fall off. There’s a lot. But I will do one day.

When I have one or two more, I’ll create another post with them in. 

Until then, I’ll work on all the *right* drawings, but not *necessarily* in the right order