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Hello world! It’s time to start my blog.

I’ve managed other blogs in the past, but never my own and I have wanted to do this for AGES. 

What I’ll blog about

I can’t promise I’ll stick this script all of the time. I may change my mind now and again or have a few rogue blog posts about odd things, but I can promise you i’ll have enjoyed writing about it.

It won’t be political. I don’t pretend to be well up on the perils of Brexit and it won’t be like those influential lifestyles you see oh so much on Instagram. I’m not the best at fashion or fitness.

I’m me. 

I create pencil fan art. I love watching and reviewing series – Netflix is up there with my favourite purchases. I don’t eat animals and I’m Mancunian, you can hear it in my voice and probably in my writing too, ha!

A new home for my drawings

People tend to hate on Flickr, but I’ll give it one thing, Flickr has perfectly preserved large scans of my old drawings I no longer have. Lifesaver.
If only I uploaded ALL my drawings to Flickr and not the dreaded Facebook

Facebook has compressed all my work to within an inch of its life. Seriously, it’s shocking. I didn’t notice until a year or so ago just how bad it was. The worse thing is, I used to draw for other people so I don’t have those originals to scan in and upload again.

Here’s me doing what I should have done all along, preserve them all on my own website. I’m excited about it and I’m excited about sharing my drawings with my friends and peers online who may not have seen this side of me.

“Why not just create a gallery?” you ask. Well, I like talking about being a huge fan of the things behind my drawings. Mostly TV programmes and films. If I draw a celeb, I draw them in the shows I’ve seen them in, like my Twilight drawing and I could write an essay on what I picked and why. 

Eating plants in Manchester

I’m a big foodie, no animals allowed. I’m one of the most frequent chatterboxes in the Facebook groups; Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan group, Vegan Friends UK and Vegan UK and they seem to find my advice helpful so why not. I like trying new plant based foods, reviewing it and helping others find good Manchester based vegan scran. <- and so the mancunian slang begins

Rogue apostrophes and punctuation

I’ll try REALLY hard, but promise me you’ll call me out on it if I’ve done it wrong. Eek! It’s all ridiculously exciting.

Happy New Year everyone