The big bang theory drawing

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How were Chuck and Bill ever going to top Season 3 of The Big Bang Theory anyway? The characters were the best versions of themselves in this season:
1. Howard was still single and terrible with women.
2. Sheldon and Penny’s relationship delivered, in every episode.
3. We met the female version of Sheldon, Amy.
4. Leonard and Penny’s relationship hurdles were interesting.

The adhesive duck deficiency S03 Ep8

Easily, my all time favourite episode of The Big Bang Theory. Every character had memorable moments in this EP; from a spiked beef brisket that Leonard, Howard and Raj ate, to Penny and Sheldon’s hospital trip, finishing with a harmonised rendition of the song ‘Soft Kitty‘ in Penny’s bedroom.

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In this episode Sheldon began the transition to ‘soften’ his character, in the weirdest of ways. He and Penny got closer and I don’t only mean the grabbing of what he thought was an elbow, haha. Their friendship blossomed and I’d say TBBT became more successful because of it.

The one liners in this episode are so brilliant, they’ve been turned into millions of quotable graphics and GIFs by the internet. I promise not to go crazy in this post, though my heart wants to.
It features the best adult version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, by a stoned Howard, second only to his Christopher Walken impression later in the programme.

My favourite scene has to be filling out Penny’s medical forms in the hospital emergency room, with Sheldon hilariously interpreting Penny’s current state as pregnant, having PMS and having the Chinese symbol for Soup as a tattoo.
? You have to watch this episode ?

The Big Bang Theory in 2018

I’m watching out of loyalty to The Big Bang Theory. It would be crazy to leave it now, I’ve watched the entire series, but I feel – like most – they’re dragging it out. They can’t use the same level of comedy and one-liner’s from Series 3, but still, that’s what they’re trying to do. That’s not what I want as a viewer.

I want to see a glimpse of Leonard and Penny’s future. Whether their story is to go travelling, or start a business, or have a baby/get a dog. I want to see what Shamy’s future looks like too. We still have a few episodes left to go and I’m wondering if all this will happen at once. I guess we’ll see

Drawing The Big Bang Theory cast

The big bang theory drawing
Drawing of The Big Bang Theory cast by @SiobhanLHancock

Oh god, I hate parts of this drawing and love others. I love Penny and Raj, I hate the other three. They’re not my best work. I don’t usually draw from marketing promo photos like this either because they’re usually photoshopped to high hell and this is no exception.
PLUS, they don’t look like themselves. Howard never had that hairstyle in the show so he’s pretty unrecognisable anyway. Something I now call ‘a rookie mistake’ on my part. But I’ve learned from it.

My TBBT shrine

I don’t really know why I chose this, other than I have the photo on my wall in my gaming studio at home. I collect framed posters. I have this one and another when the crew are all dressed in silver, below.

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My favourite TBBT poster

These are the days pre-Amy and pre-Bernadette, where I was a compulsive fan of The Big Bang Theory. I’ve always really liked framed posters. I like to dress my walls with my tiny programme frenzies. I have:
– Two posters of The Big Bang Theory
– Three Twilight Saga posters and my Twilight drawing
– Four Halo posters
…and a Dragon Ball Z poster of Vegeta so far + countless figurines. I’m a geek. I have more geeky loves, but these were all my obsessions at some point in my life. One after the other.

I don’t use that room as much anymore. I picked up the bad habit of gaming and watching TV in bed and moved my console upstairs. It’s currently taken over my bedtime routine and I’m weaning myself off it, I’ve become reliant. Don’t do it if you can help it.

That room is a shrine to my geekdom now and to my past loves. I do predict The Big Bang Theory section will diminish, sadly. I don’t have the same infatuation I had in 2009, but there’s always be a special place for TBBT in my heart and it comes in the shape of my Herman tortoise, Sheldon.

Meet Sheldon, my Herman tortoise

I’m excited to see how The Big Bang Theory ends

I got Sheldon in 2008 when The Big Bang Theory was HUGE and he was called ‘Charlie’ at the time. In my own genius way I called him Sheldon, because, you know, Shell-don.
Dad jokes aside, he’s a happy tortoise and loves to be out in the garden digging when it’s warm. He’s super fast. He’s not an outdoor tortoise, Sheldon lives in a heated vivarium that’s warmer than my house has been over the Winter, lucky sod.
Though my mother-in-law likes to sing to him, so you know, ups and downs.

Whilst my love for The Big Bang Theory fades, he’ll always be around. Maybe even after I’m gone too. My lovely Shelly.