At first, I shouted at the TV “This is your brother! No!”

Obviously, I’m a massive fan of the Divergent Series and saw that first. Where Ansel and Shailene play siblings. It’s a little odd to see them as love interests.

But, when I first saw The Fault in our Stars, WOW, what an experience that was. I loved it so much I made Dav – my other half – watch it and he doesn’t like romantic comedies very much, but he liked this one.

He didn’t cry, which makes me question him slightly.

I haven’t read the book, but I plan to at some point.
In truth I’ve been putting it off. I watched and read My Sister’s Keeper in the past and found it quite depressing. Shocking, I know.
Yes, The Fault in my Stars is pretty different in terms of characters and storyline, but the experience has sort of put me off the genre. I will break through the stigma soon, I promise.

The good thing about The Fault in our Stars is – as much as it’s a sad story, it’s still light-hearted and guiltily pokes fun at the characters.

The characters are more admirable than the characters in ‘My Sister’s Keeper’

It’s much more than a Hollywood love story. The characters have a better metaphorical grasp on real life than most people I know.
They’re intelligent, witty and more relatable teenagers who try to embrace life.
I love the language John Green (now a YouTuber too) used when he wrote this story. The characters have powerful lines, more quotable than most films I’ve seen.

Image result for the fault in our stars quote
From John Green’s channel – Vlog Bros

I remember reading reviews a few years ago and the only negative review I saw was by The Daily Mail, calling it ‘condescending towards teens’. Hardly trustworthy.
John reacted to their review. He said he was tired of adults telling teenagers that they aren’t smart or thoughtful. I agree.
I don’t think The Fault in our Stars is a film for teens, I think everyone can enjoy it.

Apparently Hazel is based off a girl called Esther that the writer met in a children’s hospital and she inspired him to write the book. 
It’s so obvious when you watch the films. There’s way more to Hazel’s character than being a victim. She struggles with friendships as we all do and she wants to be normal.

Then there’s Augustus, who’s really outgoing, forthcoming and has a dream of wanting to be remembered widely. Plus he’s a sweet guy. I’ll admit, he seems a bit less realistic.
Hazel is always attached to her oxygen tube and Augustus shows us what life is like as an amputee, humour and all. They’re both sick, but they find happiness.

“Welcome to the sweet torture of reading ‘An Imperial Affliction’.”

The book ‘An Imperial Affliction’ they both read, ends mid sentence. A metaphor for the entire film and for life in general and I think this is genius!
Man, I wish that book was real.

It’s still a happy, funny film with some great music in it. I found out about Charlie XCX from A Fault in our Stars.
…and if you’re one of those people who steers clear of tragedies, you should still watch this film. It’s not just about that dreaded ‘C’ word, it’s much more than that. The feeling I get when I rewatch A Fault in our Stars is always feeling ‘grateful’.

It teaches you that the time you have on this planet is really big, no matter quick it goes.

Drawing the text scene from A Fault in our Stars

I chose to draw this scene not because it’s the nicest scene to draw but because I really like it. I relate to it.
You know that feeling you get when you feel like you’re forming a bond with someone? Those feelings make me happier than they probably should. I love being able to gush to someone about a programme, or a piece of music, or a book, because that’s how I’ve always made connections with my friends.

Making a new friend has always been the best feeling in the world to me and it’s the same for Hazel, here.
It’s a shame this drawing was so dark, haha. It wore down half my soft pencils.

The hardest bit to draw, was the lettering:

Close up of the text message

It took me a while, but it was important to me. They use this style of speech bubble in the film, whenever Hazel and Augustus text each other. It’s cute.

Image result for the fault in our stars an imperial affliction

It was quite hard to draw to be honest. The GIF above, was my subject and I must have spent half an hour trying to get a decent screenshot of it so I could draw it, without blurriness and gave up in the end. It’s so dark and not all that clear, I did the best I could.
Evidently, most people prefer to draw the cover art, which is gorgeous, but not as meaningful. Not my style.
Every drawing I do has a personal meaning to me.

Anyhow, Netflix UK have added A Fault in our Stars today, January 11th, Yes! I’ll be watching. Will you be joining me?


PS. Dear Netflix, please add the rest of the Divergent series. Just adding the first one isn’t fair, love all Shailene Woodley fans x