Stranger things drawing

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There’s that one Netflix exclusive that makes you wonder how you lived life before Netflix. For me that show was Stranger Things. I got Netflix when it first came to the UK years ago and got rid of it after two or three months because I’m a complete idiot. It was a lot cheaper then

But there was no Stranger Things in those days. No exclusives like Bandersnatch and Birdbox. I came back to Netflix about two years ago when my friends introduced me to Stranger Things and have never looked back

I proudly hated the 80’s

Until this pinnacle moment in my life, I told everyone the 80’s sucked and meant it.
Who was I kidding? 80’s music is the best!
The soundtrack to Season 1 and 2 of Stranger Things is pure genius.

We’ll forget the overplayed ‘Should I stay or should I go’ for a second, I haven’t been able to stop listening to the soundtrack ever since Season 1. Especially New Order: Elegia, the full version

Full blast, in the car on the way home from work, completely embarrassing my husband when we’re often stuck in traffic. Quite a fitting song for dark winter evenings in a sea of red lights, but a wonderful track all the same. Sorry Dav.

It’s embarrassing how quickly I caved on my personal anti-eighties policy. I would explicitly tell friends I loved all music apart from Jazz and 80’s pop. Now it’s just Jazz. That’s one I can’t see changing any time soon.

I fell for the impressive nostalgia

My social media feed felt chaotic at the time of the Stranger Things release, with posts calling the nostalgia ‘glorious’. I was in fact born in ’87 and don’t remember these quite hideous patterns or fashion – apart from faint memories of my mum’s brightly coloured jackets with huge shoulder pads. I have respect for their effort to preserve the 80’s, in my opinion this played a huge part towards the Netflix original taking the world by storm.

I was completely sucked in from episode 1. The little things like curtains on set and toys and books in the background. Whoever dressed the Stranger Things set deserves a medal. You can see how much effort has gone into the detail, from the wallpaper to the walkie talkie Eleven and Mike are using in my drawing.

The scene where Eleven channels Will

My favourite character is actually Will, so it’s quite strange that I chose to draw a scene without him. It usually takes over my sense of logic when creating pencil drawings. I like Mike and Eleven too, all the kids in Stranger Things are amazing actors and Eleven appears often but has hardly any lines, which sounds like a super difficult role to act out.

Stranger things drawing
Stranger Things Drawing by @SiobhanLHancock

I chose to draw this scene where Eleven channels Will for the first time, proving the existence of the unknown, the upside down. It’s such an interesting scene to draw, as I said above with the 80’s kid’s cloth fort Mike made for Eleven in his basement and the old walkie-talkies.

I made this drawing for my friends who introduced me to Stranger Things. Without them I probably wouldn’t have watched it and missed out on so much. They ‘forced’ me in ways to watch a few different shows I wouldn’t have thought to watch, like Game Of Thrones. They sparked my love for Netflix which takes up a good percentage of my week right now. I went from a person who never watches TV to a connoisseur.

Mike is definitely my favourite part of this drawing, Eleven needs a tweak here and there, but I guess you’ll always find improvements in your own work. I’m happy enough.

Kid romance weirdness #Mileven

I think I’ll draw Will in future. I was a big fan of his character in Stranger Things Series 1 and 2. Eleven or (Jane) not so much. I loved her from the get go but really wasn’t on board with the story arc in series 2. Yeah, she looked kinda cool as a punk, but she’s so much better as a loner, sorry Eleven.

I’m not buying the whole Stranger Things version of the justice league with her sister as her mentor.
I’ve watched series 1 at least four times and series 2 once in it’s entirety on Halloween night 2017. I may have watched the last scene with Eleven and Mike at the prom again on YouTube a few times more. Is that weird?
I’ve no idea. It probably is weird to root for a kid romance

It’s the Stranger Things writers fault, not mine.
I won’t be watching series 2 again, though I’m still looking forward to Stranger Things series 3 in July 2019. The teaser trailer does not disappoint.

The word online is that they’re focusing on Eleven and Mike’s romance in a Summer of love-esque series 3. Hopefully they’ll have aged up slightly and we’ll all feel a bit better about shipping #Mileven