Park Bom drawing by SiobhanLHancock

Park Bom gets A LOT of negative press and I feel so bad for her, but her many fans (even me from across the globe) don’t care about that. She genuinely has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. Who cares if it fits with in with the traditional K-pop style?

I got into K-pop at a really late age. It’s awful to admit, but it all started with Gangnam style in 2012. I know I know, K-pop fans. I’m sorry.

PSY was my gateway and then I found Hyuna who starred in Gangnam Style’s video, then Big Bang, Girls Generation, 2ne1, KARA… I’m not quite on the BTS train yet.

2ne1 are number one

They’re not a typical K-pop band. They’re quirky and edgy. They’ve made songs with meaning, like ‘Ugly‘ and ‘Lonely‘. Even my other half who hates K-pop sings along in the car sometimes *part of my master plan*

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2ne1 cover from Korean magazine

I’m a little infatuated with South Korean entertainment, the online dramas and the music. It’s too easy to get in to. You listen to two or three songs and YouTube takes you down this cultural rabbit hole, you get drawn in.

You get to love the cheesiness of it all. No other country could entertain us with this level of cheese.

I saw a YouTube documentary on plastic surgery in South Korea once and how it’s encouraged. Almost at the same level as we get bikini waxes over here, kinda crazy.

Then you start to hear about the crazy things that YG Entertainment put their K-POP bands through, such as a dating ban and a paper cup diet. There’s also the culture aspects, dealing with sasaeng fans and fainting from insane schedules.

OUR celebrities think they have no privacy… they should try being famous in South Korea!

Drawing Park Bom

It all made me infatuated with 2ne1 and Park Bom and the immense pressure she is under and then Bom has nothing but nice things to say all the time. I just think you have to be a different level of lovely, kind, patient and tolerant to be a K-POP star.

I chose Park Bom because I love 2ne1 and her solo tracks. I’m so glad she’s making a comeback this year. Don’t Cry, is my favourite song and music video of hers. It’s just so sweet.

I spent about an hour skipping through this video as I really wanted to draw a scene from it. You don’t realise how fuzzy the video is in parts until you look at it closely. I just couldn’t get enough detail for a pencil drawing.

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She’s so beautiful in the video, it’s a shame. Her partner is rather dishy too (Wow I sound like my mum)

So I chose the slightly more iconic You and I, instead. So adorable and a little cheesy but that’s what we love her for.

It’s the scene where she’s outside looking through the window at the Christmas tree. It’s so hard to draw and I really haven’t done it justice but this is more of a fun drawing for me.

Park Bom drawing by SiobhanLHancock
Park Bom drawing by @SiobhanLHancock

If you don’t know much about K-POP then 2ne1 are a great band to start with. They’re not as stereotypical as most of the other bands like Blackpink. Also if you’re not sure about the music but you love sushi then go to Wasabi. They tend to play popular K-POP music videos on the big screens.

Sit, eat sushi and Shazam the music. What have you got to lose?