I thought I’d share a post on Cersei and how I would like Game of Thrones to end. In 3 episodes when it’s all over I may eat my words. We’ll see.

Put it this way, Game of Thrones has never been one of those typical series
where there are clearly defined good guys and bad guys and you know exactly who to root for. Those series where the good guys always win in the end.

It’s not usually like real life, like British politics right now. The good
guys will never win. I don’t like Cersei in the same way I don’t like our
leaders. She’s a scary character but an admirable one. She was an unloved wife of Robert Baratheon, a fierce but proud mother, incestuous and a murderer. I hated her, but I rooted for her when she did the walk of atonement. Then when she tortured the Septa for abusing her and Ellaria Sand for killing Myrcella.
Cersei knows how to get her own back, that’s for sure.

I don’t like Cersei but I want her to win.

Cersei for the iron throne

I want her to win the throne ultimately. I want her to kill off Jon Snow and
Dany and drink wine. I want her to win, but I don’t want it to be a happy
affair. I would like the end of Game of Thrones to shock me more than the red wedding. I want Cersei on the throne with nothing left to rule over.

If the throne survives and the building around it, the people and the land
is destroyed by war, wild fire and dragon carnage I’ll be satisfied.

Metaphorically speaking it would be relatable, killing the world through
greed. A good way to end Game of Thrones – Cersei and the spoils of war.

Cersei Lannister drawing by @SiobhanLHancock

The good guys shouldn’t win

Something deep down is telling me this. It wouldn’t be a fitting ending for
Game of Thrones if the good guys won and by good I’m referring mostly to Jon Snow and the Starks.

  • Jon Snow – Knows nothing and has done nothing. Like Berrick he was brought back for a purpose, that’s all, then he should be gone. For my other half’s sake I hope Jon dies epically and heroically.
  • Daenerys I’ve loved Daenerys throughout but I don’t want her to win. She’s getting weaker now she’s with Jon, losing her dragons and losing trust in Tyrion. Plus she’s not a ‘cold climate’ sort of gal anyway.
  • Arya She’s awesome but she’s not a leader, she’s a fighter.

Again I could be wrong but I don’t think the other characters are equipped
to win. Tyrion and Tormond are my two other favourites and I hope they get to do something epic before they die.

I don’t think every character will get to right the way they’ve been wronged.

In an ideal world, the Hound kills the Mountain, Jaime kills Cersei and Yara
kills Euron. I’d love that to happen, however George RR Martin isn’t in the
habit of satisfying fans in that way and so I’m well prepared to be annoyed
with their story lines and rant on Twitter.

My Game of Thrones drawings

I’ve done more than one. I drew Jon Snow in Series 4 as a birthday present (I’ve never uploaded it). It really wasn’t good enough. I’m not a fan of Jon Snow which doesn’t help and I couldn’t get it to look like a snowy climate, my original aim. This is it:

Jon Snow drawing by @SiobhanLHancock

To mark my excitement for the last 2 episodes where Cersei and the north go head to head I wanted to draw a dark Cersei. You can’t see her face but I just love this shot. I listen to Light of the Seven by Ramin Djawadi A LOT, when I draw and it reminds me so much of the way Cersei stood there and stared and smiled.

She’s paranoid, pained and relentless. A perfect candidate for the throne
like her predecessors before her. The Mad King and hopefully in 2 episodes the mad queen.