Fan art of the Salvatore Brothers from The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley has to be the only person who doesn’t look better with a beard. I never liked the clean-shaven look until I watched The Vampire Diaries, however the Salvatore brothers are blessed with great jawlines.

Anyone who knows me, knows how mad I am about vampires, sparkly vampires and the more blood-thirsty, originally written ones.

I originally wrote The Vampire Diaries off as another teen drama. A Twilight rip off. I suppose, with it being readily available on Netflix and me being bored, it sparked my curiosity. I gave it a chance one day and I’m glad I did. I couldn’t stop watching.

EIGHT seasons in four weeks

Every episode ends with a cliffhanger, making it impossible to stop watching. Especially if you can binge watch on Netflix like me.

It’s a great story and it keeps you interested. It’s NOT predictable. I thought it would be. Nina Dobrev’s character(s) is nothing like Bella from Twilight and the Salvatore brothers represent a great mix of predator and past human. They aren’t sparkly or perfect though Ian and Paul are pretty hot.

Don’t make assumptions before you watch it. I did and I was daft. There are 8 seasons to watch with 22 episodes per season. It’s quite a lot to get through, be sure you are up for a commitment.

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Drawing Damon and Stefan

The Salvatore brothers, digital fan art by @SiobhanLHancock

One of the first real digital drawings I’ve tried in Procreate, on my new iPad. I’ve wanted to get into digital art for a while. Though I like pencil portraits, I also like to doodle a lot and draw cartoons. It’s never been as good but I’m hoping the iPad will help me learn how to draw differently.

This is the first time I’ve really thought about colour. It’s not much, but it’s progress. I wanted to try different dark blue tones and see how it looked, so I’m not completely out of my comfort zone. I ended up picking some other bits of colour out. For now I think it looks good, but I know I’ll look back on this in future and cringe.

Give in and watch The Vampire Diaries

I’m watching it again. My second watch through now I’ve got some time to myself over the summer. I’m indulging myself.

This last year has been quite a struggle for me. One of those years where you feel like you are burning the candle at both ends. That’s mostly why I haven’t posted in a while. But, now I have found a permanent new job I’m back on my website, writing down my feelings and playing the The Vampire Diaries in the background.

I have to go, I’m currently on Season 5, episode 18 and something insane is happening with Stefan and Elena’s dreams…