Back in January, I had every intention of being a blogger. I thought
Why not? I do it for a living at work, I should do it for me!’
I’m interesting enough. I have things to say and I love blogging.

When you get into the world of blogging it’s very different than you think.

You spend double the time promoting your blog post, than writing it. You really do need to be consistent. I’ve gained 50 blog followers in a day through intense Twitter promotion. I’ve also lost 300 over the last two months because I haven’t been very active.

My problem? Brain drain

Don’t get me wrong, the back end of WordPress is great ‘an all, but when you look at it all day at work, you can’t continue at home. Even if it’s a vastly different subject.

My problem is, I have more drafts than published posts. Everything I write feels narcissistic.

It’s a typical British thing.

Who really wants to know about my trip to London? Or my feelings about a Netflix show? I overthink these things and drive myself nuts with it. If I haven’t got a drawing or something really meaningful to post along with it, I feel like I’m wasting people’s time.

There’s also the whole grammar thing. Are blogs meant to be written in the way that you speak? Or should they use correct grammar and avoid bad practice?
I find it hard not to use bad practice in my own blog. I start sentences with ‘So’, overusing ellipses, sometimes adding commas before ‘and’ and adding in my manc’ slang. Even posting GIFs and Memes.

Happy Obama Meme meme

I get caught up in the technicalities of blogging. Blog posts should ideally have paragraphs with purpose, be around 500 words, consider keywords, reputable outbound and internal links and be wildly impactful.
At work, those rules keep me focussed and make me creative. Let’s face it, those rules haven’t applied here and I kinda hate that I know I could do better.

It’s not a serious thing, it’s enjoyment.

A mass following would’ve been epic, but I’m also happy with what I have now. I’ve met a few more people who like games and Twilight and blogging, and think I’m worth chatting to online 🙂

I like that. I’m quite content with that. I don’t think I fit into the blogger universe. That’s okay with me. My blog is about me and it isn’t. It’s about a part of me that I feel proud to talk about. Something I have done all my life… putting pencil to paper.